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Glossary of Waste Terms- I

The controlled combustion of materials at high temperatures.
Chemical oxidation at high temperatures where organic material is converted into heat, energy, flue gas and slag.

Industrial Waste
Waste produced or arising from manufacturing or industrial activities or processes.

A global network of connected computer networks having a collection of resources tat can be reached from those networks.

Integrated Waste Management
Integrated waste management is defined by the US EPA as a process that uses a combination of techniques and programmes to manage the municipal waste streams.  It is based on the fact that the 'waste' stream is made up of distinct components that can be managed separately.

IPC Licence
Under the EPA Act 1992 industries specified as having "significant polluting potential" are required to obtain an integrated pollution control (IPC) licence from the EPA in order to operate their facilities.  An IPC Licence takes account of the effect the activity for which it was granted has on the environment as a whole and aims to prevent or solve pollution problems.

ISO 14001
The standard set by the International Standards Organisation, which specifies the requirements of an environmental management system, which can be integrated, with other management requirements, to assist organisations to achieve environmental and economic goals.  The overall aim of ISO 14001 is to support environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs.

The production, storage and communication of information using computers and micro-electronics.

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