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Glossary of Waste Terms- L

A site where waste materials are buried.
Waste disposal facility used for the deposit of waste onto or under land.

Landfill Gas
This is produced principally from the anaerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic waste and includes methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen and oxygen.

The spreading of wastes on land or the injection of same into the sod.

Water that has percolated through putrescible waste and is contaminated with substances other than soil particles.  Leachate from landfills usually contains extracted, dissolved and suspended materials some of which may be harmful to the environment.
Means any liquid percolating through deposited waste and emitted from or contained within a landfill

Liquidpaperboard Carton
A packaging container used predominately for juice and milk.

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