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Glossary of Waste Terms- M

Macroeconomic Indicators
Large scale economic indicators, i.e. general as opposed to specific economic indicators.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
A MRF is a specialised plant that separates processes and stores recyclables that have been collected.  Generally, thee are two types - 'clean' and 'dirty' MRF's.  A clean MRF accepts recyclable materials that have been separated from refuse.  A dirty MRF accepts refuse and recyclable materials mixed together, and separation occurs at the plant.  Recyclable materials are then sent on to pre-processors and any residual material that is not suitable for processing goes for disposal.

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
Municipal Solid Waste is defined as household, as well as commercial and other waste, which, because of its nature and composition, is similar to household waste.

Reducing the amount of toxicity of waste generated, for example, using reusable ceramic coffee mugs rather then disposable paper or polystyrene cups.

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