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Glossary of Waste Terms- R

Any activity carried on for the purposes of reclaiming or re-using, in whole or in part, the waste and any activities related to such reclamation, recycling or re-use, including any of the activities specified in the Fourth Schedule of the Act, and waste recovery activity shall be construed accordingly.

To recycle (verb) is defined as the returning of materials to a previous stage in a cyclic process or the conversion of wastes into reusable materials.

Recycling is a process where materials are collected, processed and remanufactured into new products or use as a raw material substitutes.
The subjection of waste to any process or treatment to make it re-usable in whole or in part; for example, melting down post-consumer glass in a furnace and making new glass containers.

Refuse Derived Fuel
A refuse-derived fuel is whereby the combustible fraction is segregated from the non-combustible fraction of mixed municipal waste.  Use is made of a range of processing techniques including screening, air classification, magnetic separation etc., to achieve the necessary degree of segregation.  The end product has a higher calorific value than raw municipal waste.

Resource Exchange Network
A service, which provides contacts for the exchange of materials enabling a waste product from one process to be used as a base resource for another.

Resource Management
The handling of all materials as being of inherent value.  The placement of all or any material in a re-use hierarchy.

Resource Recovery
The retrieval of any material with the primary intention of application in another process.

Resource Recovery Estates
Are facilities, which enable materials, discarded by the community to be re-used and/or recovered.  Such a facility would be designed for storing processing; recycling, value adding and selling recovered materials.

Refers to the reuse for the same purpose, or repair of a used product or material with minimal (if any) processing.
Reducing the amount of waste disposed by using a material again in the same form as its prior use without any process; for example, returning bottles to be filled or donating clothes to an organisation for someone else to wear.

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