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Glossary of Waste Terms- W

Any substances or object belonging to a category of waste specified in the First Schedule (of the Waste Management Act 1996) or included in the European Waste Catalogue, which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard and anything which is discarded or otherwise dealt with as if it were waste shall be presumed to be waste until the contrary is proved.

Waste Free Society
A waste free society is one in which no material is regarded as useless.  Where all resources find another application or useful function.

Wastes are a general term meaning material leftover after a process.

Waste Management Licence
The Waste Management Act, 1996 requires that the EPA license all significant waste disposal and recovery activities.  Facilities requiring licensing include landfill sites, transfer stations, storage facilities and certain types of treatment and recovery facilities.  Licences are only granted when the EPA is still satisfied, that the activity when operated in accordance with the conditions set by the EPA, will not cause environmental pollution.

Waste Minimisation
See Source Reduction.

Waste Permit
Certain waste activities are required under the Waste Management (Permit) Regulations, 1998 to obtain a waste permit for the local authority.

Waste Prevention
See Source Reduction.

Waste Reduction
The term 'waste reduction' encompasses all waste management methods, such as source reduction, recycling and composting, which result in a reduction of waste going to landfill or other disposal facilities.

Waste-to-Energy Plant
A waste disposal plant which by a given process reduces the volume and mass of waste entering it and produces/recovers energy at the same time.

Wheeled Bin
A vessel of a standard size, typically manufactured from plastic used for the collection of waste.  Wheeled bins have the advantage of being both highly mobile and can be emptied by mechanical means into a refuse collection vehicle.

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