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Green Schools Programme

Green Schools Programme

Green Schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues into the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. Green Schools is a holistic, long-term programme.

Green Schools offers your school opportunities:

To help develop children's decision making skills
A way to build students confidence and sense of citizenship through participation
To supply curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events
To access a network of support agencies
To link with other schools in Ireland and internationally
To gain a prestigious award
To provide local and national publicity
For financial savings
To reduce litter and waste
To improve school environment
To reduce energy consumption levels
To involve the local community

The awards has four main stages:

Implementation of Green-Schools Programme
Applying for the award
Award Renewal

For further information and to register for the programme contact your Local Authority (details available on the Contact Us page) or An Taisce:

Environmental Education Unit,
An Taisce,
5A Swift's Alley,
Francis Street,
Dublin 8.
Telephone: (01) 4002222

Email: greenschools@antaisce.org

Websites: www.greenschoolsireland.org

Green Schools Manager: Cathy Joyce

School links

List of useful websites for Students / Schools:

Green Schools Ireland

EPA- Educational Games

Captain Planet Foundation

EPA- Fun for Students

Environment Canada Kids Fun

ABC- Planet Slayer Adventure Game

United Nations Environment Programme-TUNZA

One Climate- TIKI The Penguin

KidsRGreen- Earth Charter

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency- Fun Stuff

EcoKids- Environmental Resources for Teachers and Students

Planet Polluto- All About Air Polution

EPA Catulator- Calculate Your Impact on the Environment

ENFO- Resources for Children



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