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Junk Kouture Recycled Fashion Competition 2012, www.erp-recycling.ie/index.php?content=412


ENFO- Environmental Information Service
Provides information on the environment, including waste management. There is a strong focus on recycling.
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EPA- Environmental Protection Agency
To protect and improve the natural environment for present and future generations, taking into account the environmental, social and economic principles of sustainable development.
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REPAK- Industry working for the Environment
A non-profit company, established by industry in partnership with the Government as an approved body under the Waste Management (packaging) Regulations 1997, for the purposes of fulfilling industry's responsibilities to recover and recycle packaging waste.
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WASTECHANGE- The free commercial waste exchange
Wastechange enables European trade and industry to locate cost effective recycling, waste management and waste exchange solutions for all categories of commercial waste and by-products previously destined for landfill.
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Green Schools Environmental Education Programm
Green Schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues into the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. Green Schools is a holistic, long-term programme.
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Green Hospitality Awards
The Green Hospitality Award is a step-by-step environmental management programme specifically designed for the hospitality industry.  Awards are given at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels which can now be seen in hotels, restaurants, and bars throughout Ireland.    The Award is now the standard for environmental management within the hospitality sector in Ireland.
The reduction in costs experienced by members is between €5,000 and €100,000 in the first year, after full implementation of the program. The really surprising factor is that most of these savings come from low or no cost systems and practices being put in place in each property.
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JumbleTown is a virtual Market Place for anyone looking to give away and/or acquire literally thousands of useful items. JumbleTown simply brings ‘Givers’ and ‘Takers’ together. It also promotes the practice of ‘life-cycling’, which is all about ensuring that the life-cycle or usefulness of an item is completed before it is recycled or discarded.
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Green business.ie offers Irish businesses free impartial advice on improving resource efficiency through reducing the wastage of materials, consumables, water and energy. Log onto the website to see the case studies from other businesses. Make contact with Greenbusiness.ie to start reducing waste and saving money!
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Envirocentre.ie is an environmental information portal from Enterprise Ireland, designed to enhance environmental awareness and improve performance in Irish industry, with particular emphasis on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).These include providing information and advice on
Waste Permits and Waste Licences.
Waste Prevention and Minimisation
Waste Recycling
All aspects of Waste Legislation
Hazardous Waste
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IBEC in association with AIB and the assistance of the IWMA has created a very useful Practical Guide to Waste Management for Small Businesses. You can download it free of charge from www.ibec.ie. IBEC is a very useful source of environmental information.
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