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Waste Hierarchy

Waste Heirarchy

The above hierarchy is a guide to the relative environmental benefits of different options. Getting a balance between all these waste management options ensures that the impact waste has on the environment is kept to a minimum. All waste management options (including recycling) impact on the environment in some way or another. No single waste management option on its own, including waste reduction, can offer a total solution.

Waste Infrastructure
Both the private and public sector are involved in the provision of waste management infrastructure in the region. The infrastructure consists of:

Bring centres
Recycling centres
Waste transfer stations
Material recovery facilities
Biological waste treatment facilities
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Energy Recovery
Thermal treatment is the process whereby waste is heated under controlled conditions to a very high temperature. This process reduces the waste volume by 90 – 95 % and produces heat and electricity. This energy can then be used to power the plant and district heating systems.
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Waste Collections
To get details of Waste Collectons from the counties in the South East, follow the links to thier individual Websites.
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