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Energy Recovery

Thermal treatment is the process whereby waste is heated under controlled conditions to a very high temperature. This process reduces the waste volume by 90 – 95 % and produces heat and electricity. This energy can then be used to power the plant and district heating systems.

It is a specific policy of this plan to recover and beneficially reuse this energy from the combustible residual waste stream.

Residual Waste: - The Region will promote the recovery of energy from residual (MSW) by means of thermal treatment with energy recovery either for electricity generation or combined heat and power.

Landfilled Waste:- The region will promote the recovery and utilisation, where practicable, of landfill gas generated at existing landfills within the Region. Agricultural Waste:- The Region will support and promote the recovery of energy through the appropriate processes.

The Region supports a fully Integrated Waste Management Strategy which utilises a range of environmentally sound systems and processes.  The Region supports the thermal treatment of non hazardous residual waste materials after waste prevention, minimisation and maximum recycling measures have taken place. The Local Authorities in the Region will aim to engage with the private sector to determine the commercial viability of such a facility for the Region taking into account developments in neighbouring Regions.

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