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Waste Origin

Agricultural Waste
This waste is produced from agricultural activities.  The most common waste products are spent mushroom compost, animal slurry and straw.
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Commercial Waste
Commercial waste is produced from a number of diverse sources, including shops, offices and commercial premises such as paper, cardboard, plastic, organics and glass etc. 
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Construction and Demolition Waste
Construction and demolition (C & D) waste is made up of all wastes arising from construction, renovation and demolition activities, such as rubble, bricks and tiles. 
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Healthcare Waste
Healthcare waste is solid waste arising from healthcare activities.
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Household Waste
Household waste is generated in your home. On average, every household in Ireland produces a tonne of waste per year.
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Industrial Waste
Industrial waste is waste produced by industrial activity such as that of factories, mills and mines.  
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Litter and Street Cleaning Wastes
Litter and street cleaning wastes are generally collected by the local authorities and landfilled at their sites. 
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