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Healthcare Waste

Healthcare waste is the solid waste arising from healthcare activities. It consists of two types of waste.  

Domestic hospital waste is produced mainly by packaging and waste produced in hospital kitchens and it is similar to household waste.

The second type of waste is healthcare risk waste.  It includes biological, infectious, chemical, toxic, pharmaceutical, sharps and radioactive waste and generates 300 tonnes per annum within the South-East region.  Healthcare risk waste also arises from private clinics, veterinary practices, dental practices, general practitioners and chemists. 

The estimated quantity of healthcare waste produced in the South-East region is as follows:  

Regional Hospital Waste                       Tonnes Per Annum 
Risk Waste


Welfare homes


Hostels & Residential Units 


Health Care Centres




Domestic hospital waste by County       Tonnes Per Annum




Tipperary (SR)








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