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The Joint Waste Management Plan for the South East

Waste Management Plan 2006

For your convenience we have broken down the plan into individual chapters. This means the files are smaller and easier to download. Each document is in pdf format.

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5+ to read.

(PDF Logo 82 kbs) Chapter 1 - Introduction

(PDF Logo 5,781 kbs) Chapter 2 - Overview of the Region

(PDF Logo 186 kbs) Chapter 3 - Co Development Plans and other specific Policies

(PDF Logo 52 kbs) Chapter 4 - Waste Management Policies of Neighbouring Local Authorities

(PDF Logo 120 kbs) Chapter 5 - Reported Waste Generation

(PDF Logo 975 kbs) Chapter 6 - Existing Waste Management Arrangements

(PDF Logo 63 kbs) Chapter 7 - Review of Waste Management Plan Implementation

(PDF Logo 60 kbs) Chapter 8 - Waste Generation Forecasts

(PDF Logo 59 kbs) Chapter 9 - Policy Development

(PDF Logo 97 kbs) Chapter 10-Policy Decision making Criteria

(PDF Logo 125 kbs) Chapter 11-Specific Policy & Objectives for the Region

(PDF Logo 35 kbs) Chapter 12-Wiser Ways Public Awareness & Infromation Campaign

(PDF Logo 39 kbs) Chapter 13-Implementation-Programme & Monitoring

(PDF Logo 101 kbs) Chapter 14-Procuremant (Information Purposes only)

(PDF Logo 50 kbs) Glossary

(PDF Logo 30 kbs) List of Tables

(PDF Logo 1,340 kbs) Policy and Legislation

(PDF Logo 377 kbs) Executive Summary

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